Big Brother Canada 4 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 5 – Update: Plan In Action & Votes Are In

We have a new Head of Household on Big Brother Canada and that means it’s time for nominations before too long. Luckily for us this round could provide some very interesting action on the Feeds as the latest HoH is planning to do things a little differently.

Nick & Dallas get ready for the latest BBCAN nominations
Nick & Dallas get ready for the latest BBCAN nominations – Source: Global

While Maddy had just a few minutes to make her nomination decisions the new HoH has had a lot more time and a unique approach, but would we really expect anything else from the situation?

Yes, Tim is calling the shots this round but in a way, he wants to make everyone else do the shot calling. Talking with Cassandra and Nikki last night we heard more details from Tim as he got ready to roll out his unusual approach to nominations.

Tim wants to have all the Houseguests name two other players to go up on the Block and then whoever has the most “votes” will be his two picks. He is a little worried that word will get out and a group will coordinate their responses so he may need to do it as a surprise.

Now if that approach doesn’t work he has another idea. Tim told Cassandra that if he was the one making the noms he’d go with two Houseguests “that nobody is willing to put up.” That’d be Joel and Mitch. Now that’d be a competitive Block!

Which way do you think Tim should go for his nominations? Play a little nomination roulette a la Dan’s renom roulette? Or should he just go right out and put up Mitch and Joel for this week’s BBCAN4 nominees?

Update: Tim has gathered the HGs in the living room and is explaining his approach to noms. Yes, he has gone with the group decision method. Everyone gets 5 points to assign against other HGs. The two HGs with the most points will be the noms. Tim will never reveal what they’ve told him. But if anyone doesn’t participate then those five points will be levied against that HG.

Update 2: Tim met with all the Houseguests and the final counts are in. Dallas earned the most points at 29 and Ramsey received the second most with 9. According to Tim’s plan, these will be the noms.

Spoilers should come out late tonight and we’ll get the official results off the Feeds. Can’t wait to see what Tim delivers! Don’t want to miss the results? Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for even more Big Brother Canada coverage.


  1. Wow, this is some classic BB nomination twist I didn’t expect to happen on a North American BB post-BB1 US. Kudos to Tim if he goes through with Dallas and Ramsey.

    At least that would be a true way of measuring “what the house wants”. Heheh.

  2. bwahahaaa…. Tim is hilarious! And this way of nominations worked out good because I want Dallas on the block and to go home! So for me I’m happy with it! Although Dallas is clearly a fighter and will fight very hard for Veto but no big deal, if he wins then Maddie goes up? I’m happy with that!
    I finally got to watch last nights episode and it was good! Was Kelsey in shock? Her and Loveta did not seem to really grasp what was going on LOL and Kelsey didn’t look thrilled but she often looks that way. I love love love how she took Maddie’s duck LOL
    so I initially did not like Kelsey, I thought she was possibly bitchy to the other women however it’s clear it was the other way around for the most part. It was clear she didn’t like Maddie but it doesn’t sound like Kelsey didn’t try and like her, Maddie was just a jealous insecure bitch and after hearing what some of the houseguests said as goodbye messages it sounds like Kelsey is a good person at heart. Plus she didn’t campaign against Raul and I respect her for that. I like her more now than I did before. She reminds me of me when I was younger. she is flirty but it’s harmless! I’m a huge flirt LOL so I can’t not like her because of that. Anyway blah blah

    • My guess is maddie thinks she has a chance at jared now that kelsey is gone…or so she thinks. So saving jared and getting loveita out is a win/win for her. Big mistake in my opinion. If dallas stays maddie is on his s#!t list and has proven herself untrustworthy to the others.

      • ha ha that’s hilarious! Do you honestly think that? Does Maddie really think she has a chance with Jared now? Did she have a crush on him before? Jared is a hot commodity there LOL all the guys wanted Kelsey gone so they could work with Jared and some of the girls wanted Kelsey gone so they can get it on with Jared. Too funny! Yeah I definitely think Maddie pissed off Dallas big time but I think he will still at the very least keep her in his back pocket. He won’t nominate her anytime soon, he will keep her around but will be at a safe distance watching her. Ramsey went along with Maddy also and voted for Loveta to leave so both of the Dallas’s closest allies went against him and for what? A complete fake evection LOL LOL I love it! But anyway, Dallas doesn’t have a choice but to keep working with Maddy because even Ramsey went against The Dallas’s wishes. I am still very very very surprised Maddie did that. But, if she has a crush on Jared then I guess you’re right! God I can’t stand her! Bye-bye ducky

        • I love all your posts & they’re no longer than some (of mine lol) or others. If no one wrote here then we’d not have much to discuss, right?
          I like Kelsey more now as well. I loved her response to the twist that she’s sharing with Lovita. ‘Deer in the head-lights’ but in a good way!!
          I don’t get Lovita waiting all that time to get on the show only to spend the time there in hiding up in HOH room? Good for Maddie to see that Lovita wasn’t ‘with’ her but I have no idea what the 2 times Lovita lied to her are about?? .. Imagine how many times the other HG lied to her…. So that really was a stupid play for her game. As far as Dallas blowing up? Great keep doing it, keep scratching your balls, being rude & just plain ignorant & hopefully he won’t go far. In fact I hope he doesn’t make jury either.
          As far as Maddie’s jealous bone? She from Vancouver (so am I or close enuff) & vancouverites tend to be all about themselves & kind of conceited or self centred. So her wanting all male attention doesn’t surprise me. I really have tried to like but her game play just isn’t there.
          I’m sure she’s a nice person tho…..
          Ok enuff for this post! Lololol hahahaha!

          • ha ha I’m from Vancouver LOL

            Dallas is totally going home on Thursday! He can take his itchy balls back to wherever he came from LOL

          • & thanking you very much for making this a friendly debate! Last BB I for the first time participated in the conversations on here and I was viciously attacked by many people! Some people took it to a whole new level although I kept it friendly! I knew Vanessa before Big Brother so I was defending her character outside of the house, not necessarily her gameplay inside. Of course 90% of people were against me which was fine, I’m a big girl I can take it LOL but OMG! The names I was called LOL the accusations about my character we’re crazy. I’m a good person, I knew her character outside of the house I simply was trying to defend her really! Nothing more nothing less. People were pretty harsh about her last year. Anyways I just wanted again to say thank you for keeping this friendly 🙂 if people were the same way to me this year like they were last season then I wasn’t going to bother. I don’t mind a friendly debate but I don’t have negativity in my life therefore I’m certainly not going to allow strangers to insult me. I stayed true to myself last season and really for the most part people were nice although they didn’t agree with me but there were a handful of people who actually stalked me all season & tried to bring me down and hit below the belt every chance they got. I couldn’t post a post or comment on a post without being ripped apart. It began to really bother me & I was glad when the season was over LOL
            So thanks for being cool 🙂 even though I’m from Vancouver and I want all the guys attention on me LOL just kidding he he

          • Well hello there miss Vancouver!! Loll
            Itchy balls! Ya love it! He better make some sweet deals if he wants to stay but I doubt anyone will listen to him now! He’s vulgar. Always itching something….. Yuck! ?

          • I’m not a fan of “Itchy balls” but last night when he refused to participate in Tim’s new way of deciding who to put on the block, itchy or not, he at least had balls no one else did.

  3. does anyone know how Kelsey or Loveita May get back in the house? A competition? Our votes?
    this fake double evection could not have gone down better in my opinion. Kelsey and Loveita locked in a room together for a week. Perfect!
    and right at the end of the episode Loveita was going to tell Kelsey something, do any of you know what it was? It was definitely awkward watching them enter the house, well the war room. Loveita clearly looked extremely uncomfortable and Kelsey barely acknowledged her when she came back on stage, she didn’t seem surprised to see her. Actually she didn’t show any emotions! She seems really confused or in shock? Not much emotion or conversation. Do you think she’d rather just be going home? Or do you think she’s happy to possibly get a chance to go back in the house?? she was hard to read that’s for sure!
    & lastly, I was super super surprised Maddie put up Jared and Raul so they could fight for the Veto and take themselves off so she could back door Loveita. I didn’t see that coming at all! Dallas is clearly pissed & I can’t say I blame him, Maddie and Dallas and Ramsey are always dancing in the pantry when something works out in their favour and it’s very clear they wanted Jared out so I am completely shocked Maddie back door Loveita! & completely went against Dallas. Maddie said it was because of two lies she caught Loveita in??? what were those?? Pretty stupid of Maddie but maybe production before the game got in her head?? Because not only did it not make any sense for her to back door L but also is there couldn’t be 2 better people locked up together for a week. Big brother production is probably very happy the way everything worked out! I know I am 🙂 anyway blah blah blah sorry I’m getting repetitive. There’s just some things I don’t now so hoping some of you can enlighten me!?!? TIA XO

  4. sorry, I have tried this season of BB to keep my comments short. Huge fail today LOL but I have a lot of questions ha ha help!
    I only get my information and spoilers from here and the comments, a little bit of big Brother After Dark but no live feeds. So I just see the episodes and what Matt writes plus everyone’s comments so, I have questions he hee hee thank you all for putting up with me and my endless amounts of questions and opinions XO

  5. curious, and this could be in black-and-white right in front of me and I just don’t see it but how did Dallas get 29 points? Wouldn’t it just be one point per NOM? Example if Jared says Dallas and Ramsey would that not be one point each or even if Tim asked Jared who his first choice would be, clearly Dallas and that two points and then Ramsey one point? I just don’t understand 29 and nine…. unless I just answered it for myself and the first choice gets more points than the second one.

  6. On Sunday’s episode, If Tim’s DR says this is all part of the strategy to see where the houseguests heads are at. Than kudos to him, even though I am NOT a Tim fan and I find him annoying.
    But if Tim says that he doesn’t know what to do and he just wants to house to decide, than he has no spine. I’m leaning more towards the latter.

    Either way I find Tim annoying and I am ready for him to go.

    • FINALLY, someone who shares my feelings about Tim. I find him incredibly annoying and would love to see him go.

      • I think he needs to start doing more conniving but lose that stupid grin. And ditch Nikki cuz her voice is so annoying too. Plus when she doesn’t get Tim’s attention she freaks! Ahhhh! I’d really hate to see either of those 2 go far & really it is called BB CANADA…. Ya??

    • Lololol yaaaaa! I’m not super fond of him but I think he’ll outlast Nikki. I really think they are there to stir things up so the show is not so boring??? Maybe, what do you think?
      Super annoying when he tries to talk game with ppl. That’s right for sure!

      • No Nikki is for sure a lock in for final 5. That girl is not going anywhere. I think that Tim will be leaving within the next 3-5 weeks. He didn’t want blood on his hands during this HOH, but instead he made himself a bigger target with a few houseguests. Tim is trying to stir things up, but my issue with Tim is that I think he is pandering to the viewers which I don’t like. I hate it when BB houseguests try to put on a show for the viewers instead of being NATURALLY entertaining.

        • I hear ya! Especially after this last round of noms. I honestly think he’s the kind of guy that likes to hear himself talk. …… Who is she final 5 with? I’ve not seen anything about that but pls spill the goods…. Lololol there’s so much I miss sometimes!! Thank god for PVR’d shows so I can rewind when I lose my concentration. Esp if I’m on iPad! Lololol

          • Nikki isn’t going to the final 5 because she is good. She is in the final 5 because she is useless in the game. I don’t see anybody wasting their HOH to take out Nikki. I can see Nikki going out by accident (i.e. shes a pawn and they took her out because she is useless) but I am 70% sure that Nikki will be in the final 5.

  7. From Global TV
    Cass gave four points to Ramsey and one to Dallas.
    Jared gave four to Dallas and one to Ramsey.
    Dallas refused to go through with Tim’s plan. Tim therefore put 5 points on him.
    Joel gave three votes to Dallas because he is a “strong competitor” and
    two for Ramsey because he is working everyone in the house.
    Maddy nominated Dallas for three points because if he was gone, she
    wouldn’t feel obligated to be by his side. She then nominated Jared for
    two points she would be one step closer to winning without him there.
    Mitchell gave three points to Dallas with his reasoning being they are
    “very different people on a personal and social level” and two points to
    Ramsey as he is a wild card player.
    The Brothers gave three points to Maddy because she “annoys” them and is
    “rude”. Dallas received two points because of his blow-ups.
    Nikki nominated Maddy for one and Dallas for four. Nikki feels Maddy is
    trying to get all the women out and is manipulating the men.
    Ramsey gave Jared two votes because of his alpha presence and three for Dallas as he has led him astray.
    Finally, Raul gave Joel one nomination as he makes him feel uncomfortable and Dallas four for the same reason.

  8. I do not like how Tim did the noms. He found out who felt what about who and Dallas was the only one to kind of say shove it. Tim seems cocky, arragont and I hope everything back fires on him and next hoh puts him on the block. Don’t like that BB allowed Tim to do that.

  9. Tink, I agree with you about Tim. He almost gives the impression that he thinks he’s way smarter than anyone in the house. I did not like how he did the noms. It just seemed wrong and because BB didn’t put a stop to it, the other house guests really didn’t have a choice not to share with him. Just wrong. I love Niki!!! She’s different but, she’s very thoughtful and genuinely kind. She’s very authentic! lol

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