Big Brother Canada 2 Cast Revealed For 2014 Season

The Big Brother Canada cast is here for the 2014 Season 2 premiere just one week away on March 5th. We now know which BBCAN applicants can happily call themselves HGs and even the first to live inside the all-new Big Brother Canada house!

Big Brother Canada 2 cast

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Houseguests as we get ready to settle in and watch them over the next few months. There are a total of 14 houseguests so far this year and thankfully they’re all-new though on just its second season that really shouldn’t be a surprise. We’ve got a mix of 7 women and 7 men. As for how many of them are stark raving mad, well we’ll just have to wait and see on that.

Hmm, there’s also a mysterious twist of one more HG, dubbed the “Final HG,” which would bring us up to 15 total. Lots of speculation out there including the chances of it being the twin brother of season 1’s Andrew. What do you think of that?

Big Brother Canada cast:

We’ll continue to update this post with pictures and details as we add more throughout the day so keep checking back for the latest on the new Big Brother Canada cast!

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  1. No one from nova scotia !!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you !!!!!! Well I won’t need to watch no one for me a pure bread nova scotianer to root for ; ( To bad . Bye bye big brother canada ……

        • I was thinking there could be 2 reasons they don’t pick us in Manitoba & Saskatchewan. Could it be that we have class & won’t embarrass ourselves in front of “thousands” 🙂 or they can’t afford to fly too many people from the west to the east as the house is in the east, just thinking

          • I’m going with the class thing….;) although our BB cast from last year was FAR classier than the US cast, and at least we busted players for cheating instead of letting them get away with it.

          • And Canadian Big Brother actually interacts with the HG’s, and not just a mere prerecorded voiceover.

      • It’s not where you are from that gets you on anyshow, it’s who are in the world. Can’t have it both ways… Either you want interesting people or a national competition. Canada you ROCKED IT last year. Our US version sucked last year but CBS got the ratings and that’s all they care about. Don’t embarrass yourselves like we did.

        • I agree LBLOFT, it’s just that Canada is so small & they don’t even come our way to audition. They hit, I believe, it was our 3 or 4 largest provinces and none were within driving distance from us. Thanks for the compliment as I do enjoy watching BB as well as BB Canada.

          • Thanks for your response Deb. Maybe your comments which represent many I’m sure will change that aspect in the future auditions… But really be PROUD… I know TV is TV but from the Olympic broadcast to Reality TV and in between you are represented well. We could learn a few things for sure.

          • Hey LBLOFT, thank you for the compliment. We, in Canada, feel the same way towards our neighbours to the south of us.

    • It’s whether or not they’re interesting that gets them on the show, not where they’re from. You only make yourself look bad in saying you’ll only watch if there’s a contestant from your province/territory. That’s the problem with the Canadian version, people like this will keep getting upset about how there isn’t anyone from the province, because unlike the States, there’s only 13 provinces/territories.

      The simple fact, is that someone from another province was more interesting than the people from yours. Don’t get so butthurt about it.

      (And maybe read closer next time
      “Kyle Shore – 24 – Lady Killer – Porter’s Lake, NS”

      In other words, there IS someone from Nova Scotia)

  2. Living in the US, I hope I can somehow watch…I enjoyed BBCA BBAU last seasons…..BBUS was a mess last year….

    • I also would love to watch this in the US!!! They do The Amazing Race and Survivor twice a year, right? WHy can’t they do BB twice?? Or at least broadcast the ones from other countries!

      • because Survivor and Amazing Race are shorter and pre-taped, BB plays out live over 3 months and it takes the rest of the time to prepare for it.

        • There have been instances in other BB editions that seasons air back to back but it puts a real strain financially when they do. BBUK is a prime example with 3 editions airing a year (1 regular, 2 celebrity versions) but the ratings they get for Channel 5 more than justifies the set-up.

      • Doing 2 cycles a year is doable, like in between BB9 and BB10, but current economics prevents CBS from doing so again.

        I remember our version of Big Brother in the Philippines have been airing multiple seasons in the US since season 2 in a premium cable channel but that channel always face problems because our BB tend to coincide with that of BBUS.

  3. Where’s the male eye candy? I live in Toronto and we have good-looking men of all races everywhere you go…the girls are fine – ’cause of their makeup and hair stuff but the guys are a real turn-off visually…

  4. If bb canada can do the live feeds free than why can bbus not do their live feeds free for us canadians. I will never pay to watch ppl make fools of themselves. That is why I am glad we have have r own bb in canada now.

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