Big Brother Canada 3 Twist: Final 3 Vote Out Jury Member [POLL]

Big Brother Canada promised us no more twists this season after that last curve ball so they’re calling this one a “surprise.” The latest twist surprise has the potential to make a dramatic impact on the season’s outcome as it could unravel one HGs plans for victory.

Final 3 face one last twist on BBCAN3
Final 3 face one last twist on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

At the end of Monday’s penultimate episode of BBCAN3 the Final 3 were sent to the Vault with a task. There will be 10 Jurors but to avoid a tie one of them would be excused from the final vote. These three remaining HGs would have to decide on who would get evicted again this season.

Initially I thought they’d let each of the 3 eliminate one so we’d be back down to the usual seven for BBCAN, but that’s not the case. This way offers much more potential for conflict. Excellent.

All 3 HGs must agree on one HG to eliminate from the Jury pool. They can’t leave the Vault until the choice has been made and it must be unanimous.

To kick off the discussions it was suggested that each of them would pick two that they wanted to protect. Sarah took Brittnee and Sindy. Ashleigh took Zach and Pilar. Godfrey, well it’s tough to say who would be a sure thing vote for Godfrey.

We won’t find out who was eliminated from the Jury until Wednesday night’s Big Brother finale when someone from the Jury finds out they wasted a whole lotta time in there.

Who do you think the F3 should kick out from the most important vote of the season?


  1. If they were going to eliminate a juror than why the flying F**K did they have 10 jurors in the first place. (Conspiracy Theory Alert) I think they made it 10 just to give Jordan a chance at jury since he was a huge fan and was leaving before the usual jury starting point. Since they gave Jordan a chance at jury, now they had to come up with a twist.. I’m sorry.. SURPRISE. (-__-) to avoid a tie. Here’s a though: how about keep everyone on jury and in the event there was a tie. Set up a tie breaker competition and let them compete for the prize. That way the most deserving player wins. Idk who comes up with the ideas, but they need to be fired for ruining the season for me.

  2. Well Big Brother I guess you are happy you basically got to decide who won this year. Oh well I won’t be watching this show if you decide to come back next year. You spoiled Big Brother Canada so will watch Big Brother US where they let the people actually play the game.

    • yea this year sucked so bad it seemed so fixed too many ridiculous twists and worse was ALL the product placements and mentions

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