Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 6.5 Veto Ceremony Results

We’ve got your spoilers for Big Brother Canada’s Power of Veto ceremony this week as the Feeds are back and we’ve got an eye on what’s happening in the house. Read on for those spoilers or skip this story if you want to keep the results a surprise for Wednesday night’s broadcast on Slice.

Andrew Monaghan on Big Brother CanadaAt today’s Veto meeting the holder of this week’s power, Andrew, decided not to use his Veto so he could keep his original nominations intact.

Barring any surprise twists or unexpected events, either Topaz or Gary will be evicted from the Big Brother house. Right now we’d expect that to be Gary based on frank conversations in the house. They fully plan to keep Topaz and eject Gary from the game.

Do you think Andrew made the right choice? Should either Topaz or Gary be the one sent to Jury House next?


  1. What happened to this BBC’s special thingy? 😉 I’m amazed how sad this show turns out to be. We all know “reality” tv is distored but it’s odd how much we hear and talk about the production team. They should be working magic behind the screen not so blatently mess things up.

    • when the “big brother” mindset was invented by Huxley for his book “1984”, the idea was that the government aka big brother, controlled all aspects of the citizens lives and monitored their every move… this game is based on that, so when production interferes and twists the game, changes the rules mid-stream etc etc… that is what this game is about… so just sit back and enjoy the show (don’t get to work up about production screwing over the players as they see fit).

      • Well said, Nostradomus. Clearly a forgotten aspect of BB. Don’t know if it appeals to me as much as the eliminate-outside-interferrance-they-will-screw-themselves-without-productions-meddling anyway. LOL

  2. Holy doodle folks, was watching the live feeds and I’ve got to say how about not letting Tala be the bartender ! I figure it was likely the shots she was doing on the sly but wow liquor hits her hard… I think production owes Peter a nod for being a gentlemen. I am a Mom and grateful that he took the initiative to take care of her . It’s usually Andrew that’s trying to suck back any alcohol you all grant them . Thanks for cutting the feeds so our little Tala’s stuff wasn’t out there !!! Classy and thanks !!!

    • For a girl who keeps chirping about her mother seeing things on the feeds I would suggest that she NOT drink. Tala gets very carried away, is no bigger than a minute and the booze would hit hard and fast.

    • Maybe the slop pass is just to get out of slop, but he’s still a have not, so have to sleep in that room, and take cold showers?

  3. I cannot stand Gary. I have no problem with Gay people but he is way over the top annoying. Such a sucky little baby about things. I hope they all vote him out. Embarrassment to Canada!!

  4. what they did to Topaz was wrong its OK to play with the show but that’s too much. Even the New HOH competition was awful they could have made it about other positive questions. I guess the producers wanted the house guests to stop holding hands or maybe the didn’t like that Topaz was the HOH so they wanted to control that they knew she may have put up Jillian or Emmit. And everyone wants Jillian and Emmit to keep playing kissy face. Big Brother Canada you just made the show stupid and questioning other undertones

  5. I think that Gary should be evicted from the big brother house, after what he did to Talla. He is a large man, and she is a small women that looked scared by Gary powering over her. I don’t know if big brother Canada is GOING to do something, but his behaviour towards her was atrocious!

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