Big Brother Canada 5 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 8

A new Head of Household was decided last night after the latest eviction so that means it’s time again to pick a new pair of noms. Overnight talk and more discussions this morning suggest where things could end up going later today.

Kevin and Jackie talk noms plans on BBCAN5

The choices are running out almost as fast as Vets are lining up to fill the Jury house. So who is it going to be today?

Kevin went from the hot seat to the Secret Power of Veto rescue and then on up to the penthouse on the BBCAN Odyssey in just a few short days. He’s the new HoH and it’s time for him to make a few picks of his own and possibly return the favor for his former nominator.

Talking this morning with Dillon and others, Kevin explained that he’d likely be putting both Ika and Demetres on the Block. Then from there, if both stay on the Block, it’d be up to the rest of the house to decide which of them will stay and who goes to Jury.

Just as a reminder, Ika and Kevin are the only two Vets left. If Ika is on the Block and Kevin is HoH in a non-tiebreaker week that means it’ll be entirely up to the Newbies to decide if they want to evict a newb or the fourth straight Vet for jury duty. Hmm. I wonder what’ll happen…

Or, maybe Kevin will have a change of heart. I doubt it though and expect Demetres and Ika to go up. Either way, looks like Jackie is the renom pawn. Earlier this morning Kevin said he’d love to be sitting next to Jackie at the F2 if he could pull that off.

We’ll get the official nomination results later tonight, but while we wait, what do you think of Kevin’s plans for noms? Who would you be nominating this week if you were the BBCAN HoH?

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  1. Kev…don’t screw this up….Demika has to go on the block together…if they are left together no will get them out….Demetrie is a comp beast !

  2. Hope that Kevin does put up Dumb-etres and Ika. Don’t care for either one of them and like Ika less than D. However, I would vote Dumb-etres out since he can win the comps and thus have more control over how things play out to the end.

    • No! That would be stupid! Demetres and Ika are the only people who he could end up working with. All the newbies will be coming after him and those 2 are all he has left.

        • no it wouldn’t haha Demetres and Ika are the only ones who would take him past the triple eviction. Plus they are both bigger targets than him so the longer they’re in there the longer he’s in there. once Ika and Demetres are out Kevin’s the next to go. All three are probably leaving in the triple unless kevin keeps them

          • Are you kidding me ?!? Ika wants Kevin out bad those two morons had a chance tonwork with Kevin and Bruno that would of been the best move they screwed up now time for one of them to go hopfuly ika

          • you obviously don’t watch feeds. Ika did not want Deme to put up Kevin and Bruno she realized that it was best for them to stay but she thought it was better for demetres game. Plus Kevin and Bruno said multiple times they were still going after Ika and Deme no matter what.

  3. Vets are near extinction. Newbies are in control of the game. They won’t complain if Ika/Demetres gets evicted. That’s their goal. They talked about it. Kevin’s only strategy is to improve his odds of staying further in the game. It’s a gamble, but he’s better off making deals with Ika/Dem and solidify it. Knock out couple of ‘newbies like Dillon, a comp threat. Kevin is on ‘death row starting next week.

  4. He’s gotta think long term! Triple eviction this week…. he will likely follow ika or demetri out the door like in season 3 when he left! He may need them!

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