Tonight On Big Brother Canada 5: Week 10 HoH & Nominations

Tonight on Big Brother Canada 5 the Final Four Houseguests of the season face off in another round of events including the conclusion of the HoH cliffhanger and this week’s nomination ceremony.

Big Brother Canada 5 Space Odyssey

Dillon was just ejected out of the Odyssey and off to Jury leaving behind Demetres, Ika, Karen, and Kevin. Kevin, as the outgoing HoH, had to watch as the other three battled it out for a secured seat in the F3.

HoH is great this week for its safety position, but the real power comes with the Veto. So beyond the comp results tonight these nominations will just be a formality. No matter who goes up everything can shift to make way for the PoV holder. We probably won’t get any of that action until Wednesday night’s episode along with the early eviction to get us down to the F3.

If you can’t wait until tonight’s show then check out our spoilers for who won HoH, who was put on the Block, and even beyond that with what’s going on with the Veto.

Join us back here tonight at 9PM ET and we’ll chat about the show as it plays out. See you then!

BBCAN5 tonight on Global at 9/8c. Find out how to watch online from the US.


  1. I like how Dumb-etres says he feels terrible about beating Ika and yet his voice and face shows no emotion?

  2. Ika gets mad he didn’t throw it then she says I want to earn it. There’s that bipolar.

  3. Nothing to do with game but she’s not that pretty without makeup. Or maybe it’s her personality.

      • Yeah, I don’t know what was up with that! I guess some people are just comfortable doing what they got to do. LOL I mean, I’ve kissed girls so really, what’s the difference? LOL

        • I was more referring to the fact they choose to re-air it, because we already seen it before. And the fact that the other 3 at that table didn’t know about that kiss and certainly hadn’t seen it. Maybe not fair to show that to potential jury member.

          • That’s true! I never thought of that. I actually didn’t know that Karen and Kevin didn’t know the other two were “in love” LOL

    • LOL I know right! I kind of feel bad for him because I’m sure he just said that in the heat of the moment. He seems like a good guy, straight up! Not the type of guy to brag about his money!

    • Absolutely! Even he knows Kevin deserves to win over Ika!!
      Question is, if he ends up in jury and Kevin plus Ika are F2 Who does he vote for to win? Obviously his showmance but…… he even knows Kevin is better than her and deserves it over her.
      She’s going home anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

  4. See you all Wednesday. Should be an action packed evening. 2 tribals and then POV and eviction. Bring it on!

  5. Ika gets mad at Demitri for not throwing her the comp and then she says she pissed he didn’t throw it to her so she could say I won a comp! Having a comp throwing to you is not winning it! SMH & she is a vet!!
    And also being pissed at him! Telling him it’s one-sided. Umm ? You do realize Ika that the only reason you are still in the game is because of Demitri!

  6. OK, now we know why Karen “hates Kevin Martin!” Seriously! She is that vindictive!? He lied to her on the third day or six day or whatever day and she can’t get over that!
    Karen is saying she wants to deserving players in the end, and that does not include Kevin! However, she said it herself, she just doesn’t like “Kevin Martin” because he lied to her! So really, she must somewhere in that brain of hers think that Kevin is just as deserving as the other two to be in there F2 but because she think she special and should personally never be lied to, she doesn’t think he’s deserving! What a crazy old lady!
    She does realize this is a game and sometimes you have to go back on your word! Especially in a game like this! She has watched other seasons hasn’t she?! LOL everyone lies in BB! She’s not special! Don’t lie to Karen two months ago or she will do everything in her power to make your life miserable! Get over it Karen! And, does she seriously think Dimitri & Ika never lied to her!? They made a deal with Kevin before the trouble of eviction! So why doesn’t she hate them as well then!?
    Great example she’s teaching her children! Not to forgive! To hold onto hate! Holding onto hate and anger is bad for the soul!

  7. So Karen got lied to on the sixth day by Kevin and Bruno, two months ago and that’s the reason why she hates “That Kevin Martin” so much!? That was the reason! All season I have wondered what it is that he did to make Karen hate “That Kevin Martin” as much as she does and that’s all it was! Because he lied to her after only knowing her for a few days, two months ago! Get over it!
    Holding onto that much resentment and hate is a very unhealthy!
    I cannot believe after all this time of wondering why she hates him so much, that’s the reason!
    This is freaking BB! Has she never watched a season/episode before!!?! Seriously! This game is full of lies! Betrayals! She certainly thinks she is special doesn’t she! No one lies to Karen and gets away with it! Eeeek….. cuckoo! Get that lady some counselling because she’s giving me whiplash!

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