Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Week 9 Power of Veto

BBCAN4 is back tonight on Global at 9PM ET/PT following another Survivor episode (it’s a great season if you’re missing out) and this week we’ve got Cassandra taking charge with some serious competition for the Veto.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

These are the final two weeks of the season and only a few HGs remain in the Big Brother Canada house. So who will get cut short of the finish line after tonight’s events?

The Veto comp played out on Saturday and we have the spoilers if you want to get ahead, but just get ready for the “how bad do you want it?” challenge. Apparently some of them really wanted it.

By the end of the night we’ll see the final noms for the week and then get ready for Thursday’s Double Eviction show. It’s going to be a crazy one so this should be fun to watch play out.

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  1. I hope Tim wins and Nikki comes in 2nd. Not one of these idiotic Canadian houseguests deserves to win they should have gotten rid of them at the beginning. I guess now after winning BB Australia and BB Canada Tim can buy his own nice house and move out of mommy and daddy’s. This game has been an embarrassment to Canada. (just my opinion)

    • I can’t say I reallllyyy agree with the internationals winning but I feel your pain Mary….at least we still have Survivor…. They’re all American lol!

    • Oh, the irony .. just remember, it was Canada who voted Tim and Nikki in the House … Ha !!!

      Unless, you believe in the Conspiracy Theory that Production was 100% honest whenever they claim that the votes/polls from viewers etc was the actual outcome?

      Even the vote for last week’s HOH when it was the Brothers and Nikki as the Top 2 … Does anyone know for sure that they, indeed, were the Top 2 vote getters ?? šŸ™‚

    • Having said that, in this morning’s AfterDark episode, it was actually Jared and Kelsey trying to convince Cassandra that it makes no sense to keep Nikki (and/or Tim) and allow them to win the grand prize and BB Canada ….

    • Tim owns his own home and business, he has made many documentaries, he gave away a lot of his winnings from his show. The Canadian people are not really smart gamers so it is sort of like taking candy from babies, I have watched all UK, America, Australia and Canadas BB seasons and the Canadian women seem to run in the house and find a man to wrap her legs around and then do his bidding until the end, and the men walk around puffed up on an ego trip, thank god they put Tim and Nikki in this year otherwise this seasons show would of been yawnsville

      • I stand corrected. I should know better than to assume, he did say in the diary room that his mommy still does his laundry so I wrongfully assumed he lived at home. Still can’t stand the guy though.

  2. I think Tim is just mad that they called him on his strategy Nikki is not exactly a strong player and my money is on Tim is hoping to sit next to her at the end

    • Well yeah, I mean who wouldn’t want to be next to her? But those brothers are also still there and hadn’t even been nom’d yet. Maybe someone thought they’d be an easy defeat too!

    • Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying she’s a weak player she made it this far so credit where credit due. But I think she is the weakest player of those left in the house

    • I hope they show it too. Cassandra cited a lot of specific advice about people in the house and who to stick with rather than generic advice. Once again, if true, BBCAN letting way too much outside info in to the game, but what’s new?

  3. The BBC winner will get $100,000 I just looked up the conversion for Australia and it would be $104,568 Nice eh? I sooo want Tim to win šŸ™‚

  4. The only way the brothers will guaranteed win the PoV is if they win HoH. Otherwise, they will be evicted, especially if Tim, Nikki, or Joel win HoH. Giving up the chance to play for the next PoV will be a move they will regret dearly.

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