Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Week 7 Power of Veto

Big Brother Canada 4 is back tonight on Global with the latest Power of Veto competition and ceremony results to set us up for Thursday’s next eviction.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

After having completely missed Sunday’s 7PM episode, because really, who can get settled in after a weekend for a 7PM show??, I’m ready to catch up and see how this latest Veto comp played out as the house has been working through two great eviction options.

Maddy has shown she’s a force in the house, even if I don’t care for her at all, and this week she sent Jared and Kelsey to the Block but there’s an out here for the Third Wheel if Raul could pull off the Veto win and save one of them. Threading the needle for sure.

As for what’s really gone on in the house, there’s been plenty of plotting and planning and this looks like we should have a good eviction vote Thursday night. If you can’t wait to find out what’s been going on then check our spoilers page for the latest updates.

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      • Raul should have won the veto, taken one of them off the block and he would have been safe. Then they could have campaigned to keep the 3 together still. Nikki should go, she’s useless and is just a stragglers. She acts like she’s a toddler not an adult with those temper tantrums. Watching Maddy in action I think she’d stab her mother in the back if she had too. She put her buddy Dallas on the block, he was watching her back. She cannot be trusted… Ramsey watch out!!!!

  1. Have the brothers been on the block yet. I was thinking who hasn’t been in block yet bros Tim and Ramsey ? Please correct me if I’m wrong or missing someone

  2. Kind of funny, the live feeds are not down during the show. Everybody on twitter are talking about the feeds instead of the show.

  3. You know though it wasn’t Jared who made a big deal about it he tried to walk away and Kelsey made it into a thing

    • Don’t get me wrong I’m sure Jared would have had something to say to Kelsey about it either way but he was trying to calm his anger and sort it out first

  4. I hope Raul go tomorrow, he gets on my nerves. And the Yankees lost to the Blue Jays. Good thing Mary is not around to gloat. LOL

  5. Well I’m reading that on the feeds right now, Raul (who is on slop) is eating food. Look like he knows he’s going home and he’s giving up.

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