Tonight On Big Brother Canada 4: Week 6 Power of Veto

Big Brother Canada 4 is back tonight on Global with the latest Power of Veto competition and ceremony results to set us up for Thursday’s next eviction.

Big Brother Canada 4 on Global
Big Brother Canada 4 – Source: Global

Raul has sent Mitch and Joel to the Block in part of production’s “let’s screw HGs with a twist” arc but here comes the noms’ chance to undo the damage.

Yes, I’m bitter with what went down this week but really we saw it coming all last week as Mitch’s game was being disassembled from the Secret Suite. He just didn’t know it yet, but now he sure does and the pressure is on. We’ll see the house compete for a win in this week’s PoV comp when it airs tonight on Global at 9PM ET/PT so jump in on the fun and see what happens.

Of course things in the BBCAN4 episodes are far behind current events on the Feeds. If you can’t wait for the latest then jump over to our Spoilers page for results from the Veto comp and ceremony to get you ready for the next vote.

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  1. I’m not watching BBC but I just saw a commercial for it where Kelsey is returning to the game, she looks like a hooker.

  2. I wish Mitch would just own up to his actions I’m tired of watching him lie. But he is doing the best thing he can for his game right now he’s good at talking and selling

    • When the 3W asks someone to own up, typically their not very forgiving…Remember when they got Dallas to confess after he voted to evict Kelsey week 1, they almost BD’d him because of that, and he lost all cred with them!

  3. Was that the whole thing I heard Tim and Cassandra talking about that on after dark last night when I was channel surfing and it sounded like there was a lot more to it

  4. Poor Mitch, he’s honestly the only one in there who was playing a solid game! Kelsey and Love were given WAAAAYYY to big of an advantage, getting to watch the feeds – coming back to the house after being evicted is already an advantage, so why must they screw the other hardworking HG’s over in the process?

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Jared is in the best spot rn, and might actually take the prize home? He’s covered on ALL bases! The brothers/Cass want to be the “fourth” in 3W, Maddy and Ramsey made a F4 with him and Kelsey, Joel wants to nominate Tim if he’s HOH, Nikki doesn’t like his crew, but that won’t affect him much, and even though Tim recognizes the dangers of 3W, he doesn’t want to piss anyone off! Most of all, if the 3W does become targeted, he has Kelsey as a shield for him!

    • Good analysis…..
      I seriously want Nikki to go…. She’s very annoying too! Just my opinion right now! Lol

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