Big Brother Canada 2: Who Was Voted Out? Week 9 Eviction & HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the next HouseGuest will be evicted leaving just four players in the game as the Jury continues to build. We’ll find out who is sent to Jury and who becomes the next Head of Household.

Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014
Arisa Cox hosts Big Brother Canada 2014 – Source: Slice

We’ll be updating this post here with the live broadcast (the show isn’t live) as the official Big Brother Canada results come in so stick with us tonight starting at 9PM ET.

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Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Heather votes to evict Adel
  • Neda votes to evict Adel

By a vote of 2-0, Adel has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

On his way out Adel reveals to the house that he was lying about his special power way back when. Adel admits it was just a player pick replacement for Veto and there was no extra powers like he claimed. It really was a brilliant move and did keep him alive way, way longer.

Dang, we’re running out of time again and Arisa is greeting Adel instead of setting up the next HoH comp. Sigh. I guess we’ll get the results later on from the Feeds unless they somehow rush it.

Wait, it looks like they’re going to rush it! Phew! HoH comp coming up here… unless they don’t finish it as they like to do.

Who Won Head of Household tonight – ‘Before or After’:

  • Round 1: Heather is wrong.
  • Round 2: All are right.
  • Round 3: All are right.

Mother F&*@!rs. They did it again cutting off the conclusion of the HOH comp. I am so glad this is the last time they can do that. What bullshit. Next Thursday is the season finale of Big Brother Canada and the Feeds go down this Sunday morning.

We’ll keep watching the Feeds, which are already back, to find out who won HoH…

Trying to figure out who won, but so far it sounds like Neda did not win. Jon, Neda, and Heather all sitting around very glum. No sign of Sabrina. Neda makes a comment about not doing well in the comp. Hmm. Did Sabrina win??

Who Won Head of Household tonight?:

  • Sabrina!

Ahaha. The girls kept her because she was supposed to be easier to beat than Adel but she won anyway. Sabrina is guaranteed Final 3. The winner of Veto will decide who joins them in F3. Veto comes up over the weekend and we’ll get that before the Feeds are cut off.

Are you happy with how tonight’s eviction? Who do you hope to see nominated next? Those results show be coming up by Saturday morning so stick with us for updates!


  1. “Mother F&*@!rs. They did it again cutting off the conclusion of the HOH comp. I am so glad this is the last time they can do that. What bullshit”

    the best line ever.

    • No she didn’t.. It was her necklace.. I thought that too, but went back to the show during the comp.. just a long necklace

  2. Well Sabrina won HOH. Happens every time you bring someone along that you are sure you can beat. Now watch all the scrambling. I hope she puts up Jeda but it really doesn’t matter it’s the POV that counts. Hope Heather wins POV. SMH ~ Sabrina final 3.

  3. i think Jon is going home if he doesn’t win POV… i’m actually kinda glad Sabs won… I’ve never liked her and wanted her to go home a long time ago, but she managed to stay in this long, and finally pulled out a win so maybe she deserves it…..? maybe? i think she’ll win in any f2 but it’d be hardest against jon. she’s got a lot of friends in jury… Wednesday will be a very busy show.

    • Oh yeah, Jon is in big trouble if he doesn’t get that Veto win this weekend. Stressful to keep wondering about how it’ll go down.

      I’d be very mixed on Sabs winning the whole thing. She played such a strong game at the start, her alliance crumbled, and she stayed alive time after time. She’s worked hard to be there, but dang, it’s Sabrina. Hard to want her to win it and she’ll need to get the audience behind her as the 7th vote. Viewers would vote for Jon over her, and Heather over her, but maybe not over Neda. I dunno!

      • Sabrina has no shot at winning, the only people who will vote for her is Rachelle and maybe Allison. Plus if its Neda and Sabrina at the end viewers would vote for Neda.

  4. seems like a huge coincidence that Sabrina.. Fees like scripted reality to me
    Just too convenient that now she wins.

    • Duh, it is scripted… when “Canada aka production” was HOH they wiped out the strong alliance that was cruising to an easy dominance. This years players have made huge mistakes in their choices as well but we all know that’s due to pressure and manipulation by production in the D.R.

  5. I’m tired of BBCAN saving non-physical/Endurance HOH results. If its Mental or something that can be quickly shown during their time limit. Stop adding unneccesary fillers during episodes and show the damn HOH results. It so freaking annoying. Especially if it can be quickly done.

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