Tonight On Big Brother Canada: Week 8.5 Power of Veto Episode

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the HGs are up to more craziness when the Double Eviction Week continues. Last we saw Adel was losing his cool and berating the Gremlins at the Nomination Ceremony. Now the house will be fighting to control those noms with the Power of Veto.

Big Brother Canada 2
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Adel has shown on the Feeds that his outburst at Sabrina and Rachelle was strategy to make him an appealing option to sit next to in the F2. Will it be enough to put a fire under the Gremlins feet when it comes to this week’s Power of Veto comp?

We’ll be back and watching tonight’s show to see all the things blocked out on the Feeds and find out just how that PoV competition went down.

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  1. Yep, i know it’s his strategy to make an F2 with him more appealing. BUT, if someone does a 180 degree turn from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Nasty, don’t you think the other HGs would become suspicious of that? I know Sabrina has pushed his buttons continuously but the pointing at them during nom speech and loud voice makes it seem like he’s God passing judgment. His strategy is overdone. Bad acting and short sighted. I think the opposite effect of what he’s shooting for will happen instead.

      • That’s why i’m hoping Heather wins the next HOH. She might make the big move and nom Neda and Jon. I think that’s the only way one of them won’t be sitting in F2.

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