Big Brother Canada Results: Who Was Voted Off BBCAN5 Tonight? 3/30/17

Time for another “live eviction” for the BBCAN5 HGs! Ready to find out who was voted off Big Brother Canada tonight? The votes were revealed as one more Houseguest was evicted from Big Brother Canada 5 ahead of the latest twist reveal for the season.

Big Brother Canada 5 FOTH

It’ll be either Cassandra or Jackie heading out the door, but I don’t expect any surprises with this vote as it looks like we’re set to lose another Vet. Could the Newbies be set to start a streak or will the Vets retain control? Either way it’s time for a “wrinkle in time” twist as the next week of events is set to play out in reverse. No idea.

“But first,” before we get to any twists we’ll have to make it official with Cassandra’s anticipated eviction. Eleven votes this week with no chance of a tie-breaker by Neda. Let’s see what they decide.

Eviction Votes:

  • Bruno: VTE Cassandra
  • Dre: VTE Cassandra
  • Gary: VTE Cassandra
  • William: VTE Cassandra
  • Ika: VTE Cassandra
  • Dillon: VTE Cassandra
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Emily: VTE Cassandra
  • Kevin: VTE Cassandra
  • Sindy: VTE Cassandra
  • Karen: VTE Cassandra
  • Demetres: VTE Cassandra

By a vote of 11-0, Cassandra has been evicted from BBCAN5.

Arisa explains this whole week is going to be played out backwards. There will still be an eviction next Thursday but instead we’re going to get nominations first, since that’s how a week ends. So strange.

Here are the rules from Global’s site:

Neda gets called to the Bridge and Arisa explains they’ll each name 2 HGs to be sent to the Block. The 2 with the most votes will go up on the Block. We’ll have to get the full results when the Feeds return.

Nomination Votes:

  • Neda: Dre & Gary
  • Dre: …

We’re expecting BBCAN to hold back the results from the show, but that secret will last about a minute as we rush back to the Feeds to see what has happened since tonight’s show was filmed hours ago. Then again, with this reverse twist who knows what we’ll soon be seeing. Stay tuned for the spoilers.

Nomination Spoilers:

Find out who was put on the Block by the HGs’ votes: Nomination spoilers here.

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  1. Look like we will get a fast forward. Nominations tonight and probably eviction in the next 24 hours or so.

  2. My guess is whichever two houseguests have the most votes will be the two nominees for the week. Then comes veto and if one happens to get off the block the third hg who had the most votes will take their place. Then comes HOH and who ever has HOH will probably be the sole voter in whoever goes. But that’s just my guess on how the week will go

  3. Strange! Another crazy twist from big brother Canada. I can’t say I agree with this twist among some other ones in the past. It’s a game, I get that but the houseguests sometimes have no fighting chance with these type of twists. We have seen quite a few people go home unfairly without being able to fight for their game.
    I guess this one is a little different, they do have a little bit of a fighting chance but not much!
    It’s good to be Neda right now! And her alliance if it can stay strong!
    solid players in that alliance so, I think they will go far.

    • There’s a lot still I don’t get how this week will work. They explained the mechanics, but ….

      I’ll wait before I decide if it’s a good or a bad twist.

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