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Big Brother Canada

Update: In Canada? Watch the the Feeds here. In the US? Watch the Live Feeds here.

We told you there would be Big Brother Canada Live Feeds and now we have another confirmation to our claim. Shaw Media announced today that yes, there would be feeds available for BBCA and even bigger than that is that these Live Feeds would be FREE. Yep, no cost. Here’s what Shaw and Slice TV had to say:

For those who just can’t get enough of the goings on inside the Big Brother Canada house will offer a free 24 hour live feed available for streaming daily following the series premiere on February 27th.

Big Brother Canada will also look to expand upon the online experience for viewers by letting them “eavesdrop on the houseguests 24 hours a day, vote on twists and turns, engage with the houseguests and play the Big Brother Canada Power Play game for points, prizes and power.”

The press release frequently references “Canadians fans” interacting in all of these exciting online opportunities. That’s got me thinking we’re going to see geographic restrictions on these features which is going to be pretty disappointing for US fans, but not surprising. You can read the full press release here.

So get ready, Big Brother Canada viewers for the February 27th premiere because this looks like a great season heading your way.

Before Big Brother US fans get too upset that they still have to pay for their Feeds it’s worth noting that the first year of BBUS also featured free Feeds.

Source: Shaw Media press release


  1. free feeds, really, that is awesome and is gonna be great to get millions of people addicted to them, this might help BB15 to be even bigger, a lot of the people that will watch feeds for first time on BB Canada, they may like it enough to pay for feeds on BB15

  2. This is awesome and almost seems like too good to be true. I will be disappointed however if the live feeds are only exclusive to Canadians.

    • I’m really thinking that’s going to be the case. If the show doesn’t air in the US then they won’t want to use their bandwidth, etc. to support non-viewers. Maybe they’ll surprise me.

  3. I would be willing to pay for the 24 hour feeds like I do for our american feeds if its reasonable. I also understand that they (who live there) should have priority on it, but I dont see nothing wrong from us who are willing to pay for who live out of the area.

        • The easiest most reliable way is get a real vpn, I suggest private internet access. Its really cheap and consistently the top rated vpn service. If you cant pay or want to save some money try Hola! extension for your browser, and pick canada when u load the site. It works but not always.

  4. Won’t be surprised if the feed is only available in Canada. When we watch the US version, we can never vote on anything that comes up. “Now it’s your turn America” is always the saying. We can just watch and hope for a good outcome.

  5. The USA feeds were free in canada the first season too. So i think it’s unfair that americans still have to pay – even though i’m canadian. it should be even steven. 😛

  6. I don’t think it’s fair that the Big Brother U.S. version is aired in Canada but the Canadian version won’t be aired in the U.S.

    • Find an American broadcaster who’s willing to air the pilot season of a Canadian TV show when so many other Canadian versions of shows have failed, plus one who knows that only diehard American bb fans will tune in.

  7. when can we sign up to the feeds? The US ones are usually available to sign up a few weeks before the show airs. Even thought they aren’t live yet.

  8. I love you BBC but Tom has got to go home he’s awful liked him at first but soon hated him even his voice he’s got to GO GO GO HOME

  9. I don’t think its fair that they starting airing on slice free ,then closed the channel so people could only watch i

    f they subscribed

  10. Seems like Big Brother Canada producers like to manipulate the final outcome of the game as do the American producers. Because of their love for him, I’m sure they were certain that Gary would be chosen by the public. Why not put the most popular guy/girl back in and give them a chance at becoming HOH too. If Gary wins HOH, he will totally control the final outcome and the producers will be happy.

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