Big Brother Canada: HGs Prepare For Week 4 Eviction

Liza & Tom on Big Brother Canada

We’re still a few days away from the next eviction on Big Brother Canada but the signs are pointing towards one of this week’s nominees as the strongest candidate for being the next to walk out the door. Read on for those spoilers or kick back and wait for Thursday’s show.

Poised with the choice of evicting either Liza or Tom it appears the HGs are planning to keep Liza. While no one is particularly enthralled with Tom it seems the fact that they dislike Liza even more is actually helping her stay in the house as they know she’ll be an easy target down the road.

Things took a turn for the ugly and immature last night when Tom, one of this week’s nominees, threw open the shower door as Alec was bathing away and exposed him to the Big Brother Canada online viewers. Seems like this was a move in the direction of retaliation by Tom against Alec for not using his Veto and if people weren’t happy with Tom before this move is definitely not helping him.

Considering how disgruntled the HGs are right now we could see yet another shift in eviction plans, but at this point Tom is about to hit the road.

While I started to think Emmett’s cheating and losing his HoH position is what lead to Tom’s demise in the game, but if you take a step back to last week you’re reminded that Tom decided to save Gary, the HoH who has him set up for eviction. Poor choice, Tom. That move came back to bite you in the ass.


  1. Where are all the smart people in this house? While I feel it was very grade school of Tom to expose Alec the way he did why didn’t someone point out to Alec that the world is really not all that interested in looking at his “thing”, talk him off the ledge and tell him to keep it in perspective, stuff is on the internet ALL the time. I hate to break it to Alec but unless you are a big time celebrity I don’t think people really care about checking out your package. Topaz didn’t even have the brains to go calm him down, instead she flipped out. To break down and cry drew way more attention to the situation and the way Topaz reacted made it even worse. Is Tom a bully? Yes. Was this handled badly? Yes. I think in the long run Alec will regret how emotional he got and that is the reason I feel bad for him.

    • Watching after dark, Alec was feeling that way. Yes he was upset, but he was also upset that Topaz was making things 100% worse. It all could have just been pushed under the rug. Yes Alec would have been feeling probably embarrassed or whatever he was feeling, but way way blown out of proprotion. Topaz ran around telling everyone too. Tom felt like crap and finally realized who Liza really is as well. All in one night.!! Alec stayed in his bed and asked Andrew to bring him one of is sleeping pills. Tom is a bully but like he said as a hockey player they do this sort of stuff all the time and didn’t even think about it. He didn’t realize how this was going to blow up. Drama! Isn’t that what people wanted!!! Best thing to happen would be Tom out the door and Liza in the second elimination. Just my hope and thoughts.

  2. For sure emotions are running high and emotional immaturity of some of the HGs is evident. I was mainly rooting for Tom based on who he is in the real life, as he presented himself. And yet, he is coming across like overcompensating bully…

  3. I am kind of getting annoyed with Topaz, Alec and Gary and its interesting that now that the tables have turned they are just as guilty as Tom and Liza (maybe just not as brazen). I wish there was some twist where Topaz and Emmet got bumped as it would shake up the house in a really dynamic way. While I think Tom and Liza have also been power hungry at least they arent floaters like AJ, Andrew, Peter and Jillian. If Tom and Liza leave its going to be boring as it looks pretty predictable how the rest of the game is going to go, boring !! How freaked out would everyone be to see Tom and Liza stay and Topaz and Emmet out !!

    • Well I don’t think you need to worry about is Liza going after Tom as the 2nd eviction for now. I cannot see Tom avoiding being the 1st evicted Thursday. Forget all the chatter about Liza going. Quatro has decided to throw him under the bus. You just can’t count 5 votes to save him in my opinion. Peter, AKA Dan, …. are you freaking kidding me, floater who has no clue how to play the game but thinks hes a genius, really thinks he’s running the house! ROFL Topaz has Gary’s ear not this idiot. If she wants Liza gone 1st it is Tom’s only chance. I think she sticks with Gary’s preference which is Tom.
      By the way did any of these people study this game? Rule number 1 when you get put on the block is…. do not blow up! Second rule is don’t scramble and over play saving your a$$. Fact is you should have alliance. Let your friends do the politicing for you. See BB 14 when Boggie saved Frank when I think most of us thought Frank was gone early! Rule 3 is see rule 1 and 2 or leave!
      As for the house in general these folks collective are playing very poorly. Game talk 24/7 is not how you play effectively. Talking game to everyone rather than just a few you make an alliance with. Oh and if your going to be a floater don’t pretend your running the house. Andrew that’s directed at your dilusional a$$. And if you think your running the show win soming donkey!
      It’s a floaters season IF Emmit goes Thrsday right after Tom. Liza or a floater wins BBCAN 1. I truely hate floater seasons. It should be good TV Thursday though. As Peter learns he really has no idea what he’s talking about. Yup there is going to be a double eviction. I think if Emmit wins HOH he like puts up useless players and no power move. If he or Jillian don’t win they likely both go on the block and Emmit goes home. This is the problem with double evicts we won’t be able to watch Gary for a week to see if his deal with Emmit is Genuine. Though in light of his pathalogical lying I expect the Emmit deal is just for his convenience. Others who may “take a squat” this week Topaz, Alec and/or Gary if Liza wins HOH(1% chance). Talla could put up anyone being a wild card. I just have no idea who she is truely influenced by. It appears Gary this week but once he’s not HOH perhaps AJ has her ear. Still that’s a complete guess.
      Let the fun begin but Wednesday will be a snooze fest.

      • I so agree with you about Peter, it is so annoying to watch him in the diary room doing his best impression as Dan, body turned to the side, the head tilt, the yelling. It’s pathetic actually.

        • Yes he is annoying. I couldn’t stand listening to Dan yell in the Diary Room and now here we go again. Don’t understand what the yelling is about. Stupid!

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