Big Brother Canada: Finale Week – Who Goes Next?

Big Brother Canada episode 27

Tomorrow night on Big Brother Canada another HG will be evicted to form this season’s Final 3. It’s quite possible the next eviction has already taken place since the Feeds have been down since Sunday. I haven’t seen any leaks other than a funny but obviously fake one about Aneal going back in to the house with a Diamond Power of Veto (It’s not true. I promise.)

So who will be the next HG evicted? Read on for the spoilerish discussion and see who we expect to be sent packing just days short of the finale.

The last Veto was won by Emmett so the nominations of Gary and Talla will remain the same. One of those two will go.

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Jillian is worried about Talla’s abilities in an endurance competition which will likely be part of the final three-part HoH competition, if Big Brother Canada follows the pattern of Big Brother US on this one. Tack that on to Jimmett’s belief that no one will vote for Gary since he lucked his way in to a top spot in the game and it’s looking like curtains for Talla’s chances at the big prize.

The benefits to keeping Talla over Gary are that she hasn’t won anything all season. Well, except for our hearts, of course! I’m kidding (unless you are a die-hard Talla fan, then I’m not kidding). I’d rather go up against Talla in the final HoH competition than Gary who has actually done fairly well in comps, but that’s me.

The vote will be up to Emmett so he’ll ultimately decided though we can expect it to be agreed to by Jillian in advance.

Come Wednesday night when we get back inside the Big Brother Canada house I’m expecting to watch as Talla is sent packing and Gary moves on with Jillian and Emmett to the final three.

What do you think will happen? Would you vote to evict Gary and Talla?


  1. The jury may surprise a lot of people. They may consider the popular support he got from fans of the show as a significant victory and consider that in their decisions, added to the success he has had in comps and i socializing in the house. just saying …

  2. The jury may surprise a lot of people. They may consider the popular support Gary got from fans of the show as a significant victory in their decisions, added to the success he has had in comps and i socializing in the house. just saying …

      • That’s what makes the game so interesting though Cyril. The Jury doesn’t have to vote on any preconceived guidelines other than what they deem to be ”deserving”. For some, it will be pure game play (without the bitterness as you say). Others will evaluate on trust kept (factoring who manipulated the least and still made it to the end). I have a feeling Topaz & Andrew will vote with their emotions, whereas Peter & Alec will vote on pure game play. Should be interesting, and I don’t anticipate a unanimous decision regardless of who wins.

        • I don’t think Alec will vote based on ‘pure game play’. Maybe Peter but not Alec. He seems like the bitter type who’d vote against whoever pissed him off.

          • Guess we’ll have to wait and see… but I think he’ll vote with his head not his heart.

        • Honestly. I would take Talla to the F2 for a win, but none of these players are cut throat enough to sever their ties with their alliance. Sitting with Talla in front of the Jury is like sitting beside a bottle of ketchup….anyway, good comment Matt.

          • lol (well said)…. However, never underestimate the human capacity for bitterness. That ketchup bottle has probably ticked off far less people and might therefore end up winning as a result of the jury house ”teaching a lesson” to the very people who put them out.

  3. I would vote for Talla to be evicted. in all actuallity I think Tall would win if taken to the end. hoping for Gary to win it all. So tired of the showmance, and Jillian would sell her sister or Emmett to win.


      • Can I please ask you to make up your mind? The next post up you want Gary to “wen that priz”, but now you want Talla to stay. One of them has to leave next as they are both sitting on the block with Emmett the sole vote to evict.

    • Now now, yes Talla is a funny, strange, quirky, personality. But the
      strategy of letting somebody take you to the end of the game when you
      know you’re not a threat isn’t all that bad…that is if
      we believe she is aware of what a strategy is, and is aware she’s on a game show.

  4. go gary you are my favret player i hope you will wen the grand priz and stay varry strong i wach you evry night and you play a ok so wen that priz go gletter gary i spred gletter oll over the big brother house

  5. I think Gary will win if he makes the final two. But, it seems like Jillett will pull out a win and take each other, leading inevitably to Jillian’s defeat

  6. Jill and Emmett won most of the comps and are deserving to be final 2.Gary was evicted so should stay evicted to be fair.As far as Jillian lying,she is playing a game.Andrew straight out said I lied right to Gary’s face to get him out.Why is there no backlash when a guy lies.Good job Jillian.You played a great game.People are so cruel.

    • but Talla & Jillian is what BBC deserves! This season has been a disappointment in many ways – low amounts of entertainment as a result of Jillian & Emmet winning everything, everyone (not just some, but EVERYONE) being fooled by Jillian until they’re voted out, and finally the constant (and consistent) intervention by BBC production… I want the jury house to struggle between the most dominant player this season (Jillian) who screwed each of them out of their chance of winning vs. the one person (Talla) who did nothing, won nothing, and probably still isn’t aware she’s on a reality show, but she is friends with everyone in the house… Tough choice.

  7. Gray needs to go AGAIN. Bringing him back after spending 3weeks in the jury house was B.S. I hope Jillian wins, shes played the best game, and yes lying and getting people to believe your lies is part of the game

    • Agreed, out with Gary! He was a good player, but got a little too high on his horse (and a lot too mouthy) to deserve a final 2 spot. He’s already had enough help from production.

  8. Gary has been deemed an outsider this whole game (from people in the house) and the fact that he has made it this far is incredible! They wanted him out like week 2! Yes production gave him some help, but I would definitely vote for Gary to win if I was a juror! Here is to him splitting up the power couple at final 3 !!!

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