Big Brother Canada 5 Week 2 Voting Plans

Final noms are set on BBCAN5 ahead of Thursday night’s eviction vote and so far both sides are receiving promises of safety, but someone is going to be disappointed.

Emily and Dillon on BBCAN5

After Monday’s Veto Ceremony we were back to the old plan after an early morning near flip could have set us up with a very different result. Here’s where the votes look to be going for this week on Big Brother Canada 5.

Dallas took Dillon’s place on the Block yesterday and he’s up there against Emily after Demetres nearly changed his mind over to putting Jackie against Emily. He was talked down from that idea by Neda and Ika before returning to going after Dallas. Of course there have been shakes on Dallas’s safety, but I wouldn’t feel too good about that.

Dillon is safe so he’s been working on a plan with Emily and whether or not it’s tricking anyone it wasn’t a bad approach. After Dallas realized he was getting dragged down by his association with Dillon he tried to separate himself. Now Dillon is trying to get close again so Emily can tell HGs that their earlier fight was staged to throw off the house.

Meanwhile we’ve got Vets telling Dallas he’s safe and even telling Cassandra that Dallas is safe. He isn’t. Bruno and Kevin talked with Emily last night and Bruno told her that she’s definitely safe and to play it cool, but not too cool.

This morning Ika told Cassandra that the Vets want to keep Dallas, but they don’t. That’s going to either shock Cass at the vote and she’ll know she’s in a very bad spot, or they’ll tell her just before the vote that things “just flipped” but that won’t be true.

However it goes I’m expecting this to be the end of Dallas’s run this week. That’ll even up the Vets vs Newbies numbers which is good for the balance of the game. Next up is to see if the Newbs can make this an HoH winning streak on Thursday night.

What do you think of these voting plans? Good idea to get rid of Dallas now or will the Vets regret losing a number when they could control the outcome? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I don’t think dropping Dallas is a waste of a move. It’s clear that the line between vet and rook has been blurred. Neda and Ika want him gone. Cassandra doesn’t like him personally from last season. And plus he’s a bigger threat than Emily. Further more it will cost Dillon an ally making it easier for people to gun after him.

      • The vets don’t want to do it because Dallas has proven time after time that when given a choice, he is not with the vets. Plus, the vets are not united at all, they all LOATHE Cass

      • Getting rid of Dallas is a good move for Demetres, even though he thinks it is for a different reason than it actually is. It’s good for Demetres because nobody loves or hates Dallas vehemently. So getting rid of him is Demetres basically maintaining balance and putting himself a little further under the radar than he would be if he got out, say, Ika. On the other hand Demetres thinks it’s good because apparently Dillon is his sworn enemy now or something, and Dallas likes Dillon. Demetres plays this right he can go far from here.

  2. Honestly, had Dallas decided to hang out with the vets (the HGs with power) instead of Dillon and Emily (the “Loserville” HGs) he would’ve been completely OK this week.

    Man, we thought Dallas was bad last year… this year he is just straight up dumb and getting himself evicted even faster!!!

  3. Seems the vets are going make the newbies do their dirty work…it will come down to which vet has the most newbies under their control.

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