Big Brother Canada 4 Spoilers: Week 9 Nomination Results

Nomination spoilers are in for Big Brother Canada 4 this week as the Houseguests found a new HoH thanks to the visit from their loved ones and with so little time left in the game this was a crucial week to win control.

Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers
Big Brother Canada 4 Nomination Spoilers – Source: Global

We saw a little bit of wavering and I thought the plan might change but instead things held steady and we got just what we expected for this week’s nominations.

Yes, Cassandra stuck to her guns and put the brothers on the Block. They made some aggressive pushes to get others up there instead, but it didn’t work.

Big Brother Canada 4 – Week 9 Nominations:

  • Phil/Nick
  • Nikki

Nikki is just there as a pawn because Cassandra knows no one is intimidated by Nikki so it’d be crazy to vote her out over the alternative. The brothers, having patted themselves on the back recently for being a “legend” in this game are now facing some harsh reality. Well, Nick might, but Phil has his head so far in the clouds he won’t know for awhile. Now Cassandra just needs to be sure they stay on the Block this week.

Veto comp is coming up on Saturday and this will be a big one for the week. If one of the noms get it then we could see the target shift to Jared.

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  1. I don’t get why Jared/Kelsey are the “only” threats. Did people forget about Tim (social game), the brothers (physical game), etc? I get Jared and Kelsey are threats but they’re not the biggest threats. That would go to Tim

    • I think the target should have been Tim and Nikki.
      They are playing very well and could go all the way.
      I love Tim. What a fun person!

  2. I knew the brothers would go out but I was wondering who would go next to them. My best guess was Nikki as a pawn. Cassandra kind a has her fingers in everyone’s “cookie jars” LOL so if one of them wins Veto, Will she make a big move and put up Jared? Would she go against Kelsey? does she have a final two or three with anyone? like a real deal?
    I know she has gotten close and is working with Tim & Joel!! Are those 3 “solid?”

  3. she did make a good move by putting the brothers on the block with a pawn! “The Boys” are a threat! Cassandra just really needs to hope no one wins Vieto and especially the brothers don’t win it!!!
    what do you think she will do if the brothers when Veto and pull themselves off? Do you think she will put up Jared?
    clearly at any stage of the game you have to be thinking ahead but right now is very critical so she should be lucky and keep herself safe if the brothers go home but if they do when Veto she is smarter to put up…… Who????
    there is no one laughed LOL if she did put up Jared and he ended up staying she would then have Jared and the brothers against her. Tough situation that’s for sure! Unless it’s a guaranteed Jared would go home, and I do think he would however then she will not only have the brothers against her she will also have Kelsey against her and I’m sure Nikki is a little butt hurt?? (for lack of better words LOL) so if Nikki somehow got lucky and got HOH she would probably put up Cassandra! But let’s be real, she’s not going to get HOH unless it’s one of those stupid competitions of luck! & I forgot, next week is double eviction!!

  4. Curious! How is Nikki taking this ‘pawn position???” Is she being dramatic and over-the-top? Or is she being “understanding??”
    I honestly think Nikki’s behaviour/ dramatics is for the most part an act! I really do! I would have to see her season of BB UK but, I don’t think she is as dumb as she’s is coming across! Just like Tim, for quite a while he played stupid. He acted like he didn’t understand the game at all because “BB Australia was played completely different!” Just like Tim, for quite a while he played stupid. He acted like he didn’t understand the game at all but NOW pretty much everyone goes to him for advice. LOL

    • Last night on BBAD she claimed she loved Tim. She was hanging onto him & wouldn’t let go. He finally was able to get her off of him. I think it’s creepy how she doesn’t talk much & pretty much just sits C& looks at everyone. Ohhhh & repeatedly requests for her vodka!! Poor Nikki! What a waste of a free trip to Canada to play this game.
      We should have voted for the Italian? Lesson learned.

    • If he (Tim) wins this will be my last Canadian BB experience. I don’t like this spin of internationals. It’s a free ride for them & not an even playing field in my opinion.

          • It’s hard to bet on it with this group who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

          • Once he wins BBC because all the idiotic houseguests are just hand him the game, he can move on to BB U.S. this summer and win all their money too. And Nikki can go with him because she is sooo entertaining (NOT)

      • Tim and Nikki are the only interesting people in the house right now, though. The rest are dullards. Did BBCAN intentionally pick boring HG’s so their international stars could really shine or something?

          • Her meltdowns are hilarious. I never said she was a great, intriguing player; just entertaining to watch because of her ridiculousness. Same with Tim. But I watch the show to be entertained, not “interested”. If I wanted to be interested, I’d watch Game of Thrones.

            The Canadians are either downright unpleasant (Kelsey, Raul, Maddy), or completely lacking a personality (Jared, the Brothers, Ramsey). Mitch was the last HG who was fun to watch. Dallas and Loveita were good too.

            BUT THAT’S JUST MY OPINION /disclaimer

    • Nikki has been nominated more times than the rest of this season’s cast so she knows the feeling of being up for eviction more than anyone, regardless if she is a pawn or not.

      With BBCAN, at the very least there is that welcoming relief of knowing you only have these people around you who will vote to either save or evict you and not an entire country.

      From the bits and pieces I saw from her original BBUK season plus the all-star season she took part in, she was quite the wild character but she mellowed down on her third time in the UK house (where she was more of an intruder as part of that season’s twist last year). What’s consistent though was that she is quite honest and speaks her mind.

      And Tim’s statement about BBAU played differently still holds true, but his season was quite fascinating because of how much strategy was being put into play, especially with the advantages you win during showdown challenges that gives its winner varying special powers to affect nominations (removing and replacing nominees, additional nomination points, deducting amount of nominations from other players, among others).

      BB for the most part is a social game so that is the one thing Tim exceled at in his season so how he played the game in its purest format is just similar to how BBCAN and BBUS where social relationships is the core of a housemate’s gameplay.

      • I thought this was Nikki’s first time nominated? I would think Jared has been up there the most? No?
        Am I missing something????

      • Huh? I will reply more but just in regards to your first statement. What do you mean Nicki has been nominated the most this season? Nominated for what?

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