Big Brother Canada 3: Zach Drops New Plans On His Allies

Perhaps aspiring to be more like BB16’s Cody, BBCAN3 Houseguest Zach Oleynik has dropped a “this is what I’m going to do… no, it’s not” bombshell on his allies for his plans this week that might not go over as well as he had hoped.

Zach Oleynik on Big Brother Canada 3
Zach Oleynik on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Since before the last eviction Zach and his cohorts had planned to target Bobby and Bruno in a backdoor sneak attack, but once all the pieces lined up in place for that to happen we suddenly saw a shift in plans. Talking with close ally Jordan this afternoon Zach revealed things were going to be done a little differently.

Zach and Jordan were talking in the Pantry when JP asked about Zach’s plans for the Veto. Zach won both the Head of Household and the Veto competition this week which gives him all the power. Now with Jordan and Godfrey on the block it was time for Jordan to come down and Bobby or Bruno to go up. Hold that thought.

Zach revealed to Jordan, and Sarah soon after, that he was going to keep the noms as they are. He would not be using the Veto and Godfrey would be the new target. Yikes for Jordan.

So what happened? Zach suggests it’s too early to go after Bruno and Bobby, but is it really? Bruno could likely come after Zach once he learns of the original plan and there’s no time like the present when he holds all the ropes to start pulling them in the direction he wants.

Should things shift unexpectedly we could see Jordan evicted on Wednesday night and that would be a stunner and a loss for Zach. It’s still more likely that Godfrey would go if the Veto isn’t played, but we’ll have to just wait and see.

If you were Zach and had both HoH and Veto powers, what would you do right now? Who is the right target this week.

Update: Zach has said a few times again that he won’t use the Veto. He’s also now pledging allegiance back to the Chop Shop over the Diaper alliance. He doesn’t want to turn on Bruno. But wait, there’s more. Jordan is not happy about staying on the block since that wasn’t the deal. Look for him to work angles and see if someone starts getting a lot of blame in the BBCAN3 house.


    • I find it funny how someone “lacks balls” if they don’t make a move in a game LOL. Like seriously dude? You have no balls. It’s a lot different when you’re actually playing the game. You can say “Oh I’d do this, I’d do that” on your computer in your bedroom but when you’re actually in the house, with all the power, competing for $100,000 and everyone already thinking you’re a huge target, yea it kinda makes you think twice. Idiot, lol.

      • Zach and JP are, or at least they were, in the best position in the game. Newport cannot afford to wait another week to get things rolling if they’re just gonna drop the ball like that.

        For Zach to even consider keeping his nominations the same is telling of how good or bad a player he is going to become at the end of the day. It’s rare to get opportunities like these and it may or may not come your way again.

        I know it’s a whole different scenario if you’re in the BB house yourself, but that’s why you have an alliance, especially one in the form of Jordan who can help you out to deal with possible scenarios and how those scenarios could help you move forward.

        Just think about it, they had a perfect plan but now, this could potentially backfire big time if for some reason, Jordan gets the boot, which is something both he and Zach don’t want to happen.

        Cody lacked balls because he has passed on so many missed opportunities throughout his season. Among a couple of notable examples: 1) He could have gotten Caleb out during his first HOH week but he chickened out and put Donny up instead as a pawn, and 2) Victoria was his one ticket to half a million dollars but he shot that down to take Derrick to the end, which he is unable to sway and court the jury away to in order to win.

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