Big Brother Canada 3 Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results

This week’s Power of Veto competition is over for Big Brother Canada 3 and gives us one more person safe from the threat of the special twist power about to hit the BBCAN house.

Big Brother Canada Power of Veto
Big Brother Canada Power of Veto – Source: Slice

The nominations were revealed earlier today, but they don’t really matter because when the Have-Not twist arrives its holder can do as they please. Mostly. The HoH and Veto holder can’t be nominated, which makes this comp more important than the HGs realize.

Feeds were down for over SEVEN hours. Sheesh. Want to know who won the Power of Veto for this round? Read on.

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Sarah won the Power of Veto and it’s a good thing she did too as one of the noms. She’ll be coming down off the block for sure. But who will take her spot?

Ashleigh won’t nominate Zach or Pilar and Zach might persuade her against renom’ing Bruno so that leaves… Brittnee.

Only Pilar did not compete as there are seven HGs and six spots in the comp. That left Ashleigh as HoH with Sarah and Godfrey as the noms competing along with Zach, Bruno, and Brittnee.

What do you think will happen at the Power of Veto Ceremony coming up?


  1. I really like your site here Matthew and I was wondering if you will have one for The Amazing Race Canada. I saw a commercial last on TAR U.S. last night that TAR Canada would be back this summer.

    • They’re filming the season right now and I’m ecstatic about it! I basically binge-watched the past two seasons within a month just so i could catch up.

  2. Yay! I’m praying Godfrey, Brittnee or Sarah win the power and we see Zach walking out the door on Ashleigh’s HOH!

  3. Yey, Sarah finally won something, although there is still that little thing about the coup power still in play!

    Do we have confirmed news about who are Have Nots today?

  4. Oh, this got me wondering: What’s gonna force the majority of the house to wanna vote Zach out if he ends up getting nominated during the live eviction?

    Surely no one would vote to keep Godfrey over him if sat next to the guy so he needs to be removed from nominations as well. Bruno would be a better replacement as we only need three votes out of 4 to get Zach out and we all know who God, Sarah and B will all vote for when that happens.

    • If Britnee or Sarah get the power they will take godfrey off as well. So you only have 4 voters, since Zach and Bruno would go up on the block. Then Britnee, Sarah, and Godfrey will send Zach home. the only other voter is Pilar but it wouldn’t matter

      • But how do we know for sure that Zach and Bruno will be going up if the special veto is used?? It could easily be Zach and Pilar and if Ashleigh isn’t going to put up Zach then it will be Bruno and Pilar…which in either case Pilar would probably go home since everyone ‘loves’ Bruno and Zach will probably persuade everyone too keep him safe…he has his ways

  5. Sarah and Britnee were just announced as the Have Not competing for the power. Im hoping to see them get it and then Zach and Bruno end up on the block with only 4 voters, being Sarah, Britnee, Godfrey, and Pilar. So more likely than not. Zach will go home.

  6. I feel bad for Zach, Ashleigh & Bruno to be honest. Their games are basically ruined because production wants to save fan favorites for the third time this season. Plus to make things worse Ashleigh can’t even play next week. I get that BB isn’t fair but come on don’t ruin the players games just because they are playing the best and viewers don’t like them.

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