Big Brother Canada 3: Nomination Anticipation In Week 9

The Big Brother Canada 3 got a new HoH last night on the Feeds following another twisty eviction show leaving us with just six Houseguests left in the game. Ready to find out who is going up on the block?

Zach Oleynik is feeling worried on BBCAN3
Zach Oleynik is feeling worried on BBCAN3 – Source: Global

Once we found out who won HoH this week it wasn’t hard to guess where things were going next. Thanks to private talks on the Feeds those suspicions were confirmed ahead of the Nomination Ceremony coming up later today.

Sarah wrested control away from the Diapers and kept it for herself and Brittnee this week with her HoH win. The obvious target? Zach. Best co-nom option to keep him up on the block? Ashleigh. Back up plan to either of them coming down? You guessed it. Pilar.

So basically that’s the week ahead of us on BBCAN3. Sarah will nominate Zach and Ashleigh with her sights set on Zach’s eviction, but if he manages to escape the block then be ready to say goodbye to either Ashleigh or Pilar next Wednesday.

We’ll keep watching the Big Brother Feeds to see what happens next and to get the official ceremony results later tonight.

If you were HoH then who would you nominate this week? Just two weeks left to go in the season and there aren’t many options to choose between as we near the finish line.


  1. I think Zach and Ash is the best option for she and B, esp since B just saved Godfrey so I wouldn’t worry about Godfrey right now. And out of the 3 Pili is the least likely to win a comp, so not nominating her is the best option since the chance of her winning veto and forcing Sarah to nom Godfrey is close to 0.

  2. I hope Sarah nominates Zach and Ashley. Hopefully, Zach doesn’t win veto this week and he’s out the door by Wednesday. After that Britnee should make a final 2 deal with Godfrey maybe so that she has all has bases covered. I’m so excited, I want Britnee to win this whole thing!!!

  3. Sounds like a solid plan that will go through without a hitch! Either Zach, Ash or Pili will be gone this week and I don’t care much about it. Britt really deserves to win this!!

  4. honestly godfreys got the best chance to win it at this point, all he has to do is ride the middle he’ll be the new pawn star barring his going up against pili (ironically she’s probably his biggest threat in the game at this point, as though he could easily beat her in the final two, if he goes up against her on the block he’s all but guarenteed to go home, since they all want to beat her in the final two) he can just ride his way to at least the final four, then he’ll have to start putting some legwork in unless he gets lucky, and even then all he has to do is manipulate them into picking off one from each alliance (godfreys best bet is to send ashleigh home and leave pili alone, this may even open the door to some manipulation on his part) and let them continue to go at each others throats and the games his, the worst thing he could do at this point is align himself with somebody, because it gives him a weakness should that person be kicked off, been cheering for godfrey, kevin and jordan since week one, since kevin and jordan are gone my personal picks to win are god and B for second place (the two remaining who’ve playing the game best up till now)

    • also if sarah does win this season i’m done, she’s so not used to not getting her way, she just can’t handle it, she thinks she’s this master manipulator but whenever someone does something she doesn’t want them to she throws a temper tantrum (eg: bruno) she wants everyone to be totally 100% honest with her and that’s just not what the games about, seriously, ITS NOT A TEAM GAME, GET OVER IT, go to survivor if you want that, she or pilar CANNOT win this season (btw neither she or willow are gay, that’s just big brothers manipulation of the feeds)

  5. sarah, britt and godfrey shouldnt be in the game. bunch of floaters, thanks canada for choosing a winner for us with your stupid unfair secret have not.

    • How is Britnee a floater? She won HoH twice and got out Graig, Kevin, Willow and Bruno. She also was on slop 5 times and was a nominee 5 times

      • I don’t think Brittnee isn’t a floater BUT whenever she is not in power she is dead weight. Brittnee is basically irrelevant when she is not in power. At least Sarah plays a better social game with the other houseguests when Sarah isn’t in power. Brittnee doesn’t.

    • Here here I couldn’t agree more!!!! What happened to contestants having to have wits and outsmarting other players to win?? Canada bungled this large by handing this to the 2 worst players. We lost focus here- this is not a popularity contest…..well this year it apparently is……

      • Do you really watch the show? Not a popularity contest? Of course it is. Early evictions were people who weren’t liked in the house. AKA unpopular. Just because you don’t like the way power has shifted that does not make S and B,s game any less legit than the others. Please educate us on how Pilars game play was better? Or Ashlieghs? Hooking up with guys, making out and basically prostituting themselves is having wits and outsmarting others? And before the hate starts I am not calling them prostitutes just commenting on behaviour. They are floaters that are eye candy and Godfrey is just plain amazingly lucky and a floater. It ain’t just cream that rises to the top. Finally. I agree that there has been too much interference, oops I meant twists, by production to keep this show true to its conceptual idea. Don’t fool yourself though, did Canada really vote for S and B? Or did production decide the drama value added would benefit the show?

        • Of course it popularity within the house- I meant it shouldn’t be a popularity contest amongst the fans! If that’s the case then they can save millions- have 1 pilot show with all the contestants and canada can vote on who gets the money and we can wrap it up in 24 hrs . And yes I have watched every season in its entirety. I’m all for “twists” but I don’t think the weak should be rewarded because canada feels sorry for them.

          • Coup d’ etat was used three times in BBUS. The last one who had it I believe was Jeff Schroeder. America handed it to him Same outrage, but the highest rating. “A must see episode.” You have to be mindful of your demeanor in the house and how you are being perceived by the public, because this kind of “twist’ will always be a part of the game of Big Brother. As a HG it’s your job to be prepared.

    • I understand your frustration of the twist, yes they’re over the top. What I have a problem is your definition of a “floater”

      • True. I understand that actual floating is a legit strategies and we got great winners out of it. Unfortunately Rachel basically ruined the term by basically calling floaters “goats”.

        A good floater is someone with a great social game, can easily manipulate others to carry them as far as they can, and come off clean in front of a jury while sitting next to someone who did much of the dirty work but may not realized he/she has been played all along.

        Most recent of a good floating strategy has been Derrick’s, which still amazes me because he executed it flawlessly even though power pretty remained stagnant the entire season.

        • My opinion exactly James…Derrick is an example of textbook floating. Went through the season non-threatening…quite and unassuming…I’ve said he was in there more as a therapist than a player.

          • There’s nothing wrong with being a floater. Also learn the definition. Derrick was not a floater. A floater is someone who gravitates towards a person with power. Derrick didn’t do that. Everyone came to him. He controlled the house.

    • Brittany isn’t a floater. To be a floater means to win nothing, make no big moves and have other people carry you through the game. That is the exact opposite of Brittany. She has won HOH twice, EARNED the twist to change nominations, suffered through slop and is responsible for the biggest moves in the game this season. If she was a “floater”, she wouldn’t have accomplished any of those things. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and Brittany has been playing the best game this season. Most pawns go home. Jordan is a perfect example of a pawn going home. Brittany has been a pawn multiple times, yet, she’s still in the game. The reason is because she’s actually PLAYING THE GAME!!! To say Zach is playing a better game than Brittany is like saying that pigs now have wings and are flying through the sky as we speak. Is using your looks to manipulate easily influenced girls who lack the self confidence to play their own game, really “playing the game”? No. If it weren’t for Ashleigh and Pilar attaching themselves to Zach and Kevin, Zach wouldn’t be in the house right now. He may have won a couple competitions but he has BLOWN every opportunity to make a BIG MOVE and actually PROVE that he isn’t just skating by on his manipulation and social skills with the women. Out of everyone in that house right now, Brittany deserves the win and I hope she gets it. She’s the only one who’s really earned it.

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