Big Brother Canada 2: Week 4 Kicks Off Crazy

Adel & Ika wrestle on Big Brother Canada 2
Adel & Ika wrestle on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

Last night after the Big Brother Canada eviction show the Feeds returned and the house was going nuts with the new Head of Household, a mysterious counter running up on their screens, and lots and lots of anger, tears, and plotting. Read on to find out what’s going on in that crazy house.

Since we didn’t get to see the Endurance competition that started roughly four hours before we got to see it begin on the show. I’m not sure how long it actually took, but we soon found out that Rachelle had won. Nothing against Rachelle, then again nothing for her either. She’s one of the most bland HGs this season but she’s now got the HoH room to set around looking emo in all week. Of course with a “stand there and do nothing” competition, perhaps we should have seen this coming too:

So Rachelle had the new power and Ika was in tears last night after the Feeds came back. Ika kept repeating that her entire HoH week was a waste. Yep, that’s a pretty good way to put it. Considering she focused all her energy on getting out the massive threat known as Heather I just don’t know where Ika went wrong…

Just as Sarah feared, she was out’d in her vote against Paul which kept Ika from being able to tie-break against Heather. So Sarah has been ejected from the all-girls alliance “The Stupids.” No really, that’s what they called it.

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Meanwhile Sabrina is annoying as always, but doing a heck of a job hiding her “First Five” alliance and acting really upset that Sarah “betrayed” the girls and voted out Paul. Sabrina knew this was coming and played along.

Did I mention Sabrina can be a little abrasive in the house? Well settle in because this week she’s on Slop as a Have-Not. If I know anything about Big Brother, it’s that Slop always improves one’s mood and attitude in the game!

Adel, Arlie, and Heather are joining Sabrina in the Half-Not room this week after Rachelle handpicked them for the punishment. Not sure on her thinking there, but that’s what she went with. Good idea to keep Andrew and Kenny well rested and stocked up on energy with good food aplenty.

Marsha the Moose - Big Brother Canada 2

Ah, and the Marsha The Moose challenge was unlocked by viewers who reached the 2 million points very quickly despite having another two days to meet that goal. The HGs were surprised by the screens lighting up with the counter racing upward but were completely confused without any context on the numbers. They don’t know what was going on, but soon one of them will discover Marsha has returned to the game. Can’t wait to see what this brings!

Kudos to Big Brother Canada on keeping us entertained with these silly interludes that are actually a lot of fun for the HGs and the Feedsters!

Okay, next thing to watch for in the house is where Rachelle is heading with her nominations. Past two weeks those have been revealed early on Saturday morning so we might have a full day before we get the confirmation so keep checking back as we watch for updates.

What do you think of all this going on in Big Brother Canada 2? Who do you hope Rachelle will target for eviction next?


  1. Ika should have saw this coming. Never try to put all your eggs in the idea of a tie…unless you’re desperate.
    Congrats for Sarah making a big move. Personally, I think she made the right move, and now they can make a majority of the votes (depending on the nominations).
    As for Sabrina, I don’t like her 2 faced game, and I would want to see her out.

  2. Apparently the plan is to nom Heather and Allison. With the intent to backdoor Ika. Of course this isn’t a plan Rachelle came up with but Sabrinas doing. I sincerely hope Rachelle catches on to Sabrinas antics but that’s like hoping for sunshine during a blizzard!

  3. I am always blown away how fast women will turn on each other and let the males run the show (Big Brother, Survivor) Ika expecting Rachelle to make a big move, nope, they both prefer to make cowardly moves when they have HOH and both will be scratching their heads when there both out the door and Kenny and Andrew are final 2

  4. Ika made a huge gamble and unfortunately, it didn’t pay off. She knows though that backdooring Kenny would backfire because he does have the numbers to stay but it would have been nice if she at least have both him and Andrew nominated and just make sure she wins POV.

    Now her HOH is a complete waste.

  5. This has actually been one of the best seasons so far i’ve seen for first 3 weeks, I mean their literally no floaters you can say everyone playing the game and its fun to watch

  6. I think sarah should have just flatly stated to Ika that she was only one of six votes, go cry to them. Ika’s reign as HOH was a joke. She put up one person she hoped to align with and the other person was not a threat to anyone yet. I hope Ika’s gone next.

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