Big Brother Canada 2: Week 2 Nomination Anticipation

New nominations are coming up for Big Brother Canada 2 after the new Head of Household was crowned during last night’s challenge. With the game still getting started it’s hard to say this is a shift in power, but things are definitely going in a new direction this week.

Andrew & Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2
Andrew & Kenny on Big Brother Canada 2 – Source: Slice

There’s been a LOT of talk on the Feeds today about the upcoming nominations so these HGs are wasting no time in dividing and preparing for battle. This is going to be a great season! Definitely feels like more warring in this season already.

So who is going up on the block? Heck, who is the new HoH? Read on to find out the spoilers on both counts.

Andrew won HoH last night so he’s calling the shots this week. Yep, that same Andrew who was just on the block before winning Veto.

So guess who he is targeting? Payback is a bitch. Paul is in his sights, but he’s not the only option for the new HoH.

In an earlier conversation with Kenny, Paul said he was planning to nominate Paul with Ika and then backdoor Heather. They’re worried about the girls banding together though they think they’ve rattled Rachelle enough to not come after them.

Of course they’d go after Heather who doesn’t seem to mind the cameras and full frontal flashed in the bathroom this morning. Thanks a lot, guys.

Later Kenny was relaying a plan that they’d go after Paul, so the final goal is still up in the air, but either way I’d expect Paul on the block with one of the girls, probably Ika.

What do you think of Andrew’s plan? Which HG would you target for eviction if you had the power this week?

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  1. Rachelle – she is gorgeous smart intelligent all the things peter said in the sideshow she could get a showmance with kyle per say or arlie and she could manipulate them to do what she wants not what they want. Also Im hearing that there might be an alliance with Andrew,Kenny,Arlie,Kyle and Adel is that true?

    • That is an alliance but its kind of a bs alliance for everyone in it but Arlie. Kyle and Adel want to put up Andrew and Kenny next week. And Andrew and Kenny are in another alliance that they are more loyal to that consists of them, Jon, Sarah, and Sabrina. They were considering backdooring Kyle this week until Paul tried to call Andrew racist and made a lot of ppl mad.

  2. So based on info I’m getting on the feeds: Andrew is contemplating to put up Paul (prime target) with Neda as a pawn. Plan A is to win veto, and replace Neda with Kyle (or remove Paul w/ Kyle as a replacement). Plan B is have the noms stay the same if Kyle wins veto and decides not to use it.

    I wonder, if Paul makes moves to conspire with Kyle, this is gonna be a win-win if both parties keep their word and screw Andrew’s plans up.

  3. Now it looks like they are targeting Paul because Paul tried to call Andrew a racist bc hes considering putting up Paul and Ika, Ika even thought paul crossed the line saying that. That upset Kenny and Andrew and they are targeting him now instead of trying to backdoor heather. Paul is really showing how bad he sucks at big brother.

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