Big Brother Canada 2: Looking Ahead To Final Three & Vote For The Winner [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 2 Jury HGs
Big Brother Canada 2 Jury HGs – Source: Slice

This week is the end of Big Brother Canada 2 and viewers will soon have their chance to influence the game as the 7th Jury Vote. So how could this all turn out? Let’s discuss plus take a vote in our poll for which expected final three HGs you’d like to see win it all.

Heather is going to be evicted on Wednesday night when Jon casts the sole vote, so sorry Heather, but I’m kicking you out of the running here. That sends her off to become a Jury member though so she’s not entirely done with the game just yet.

Jon, Neda, and Sabrina will face off to get to the Big Brother F2. Sabrina shocked everyone with her F4 HoH win last week and it’s entirely possible that she could win again, but she’ll have to succeed in two straight comps to make that happen and I’m really doubtful of her abilities to make lightning strike twice in the same spot.

If Jon wins the final HOH then he’ll evict Sabrina and take Neda. Now if Neda wins I’m not so sure she’ll be so generous to Jon. Though would the Jury respect her for taking Sabrina to the end?

Sabrina has claimed that she’ll vote against whoever evicts her, though she said it wasn’t a bitter move. Uh huh. That would make her a toss up in either direction depending on how the show plays out on Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada.

I think Arlie would lean toward Jon over Neda, but I’m torn on how else this could play out. Would Allison be bitter at Neda for ousting her in that Instant Eviction move? For Rachelle, Jon did do a good job of staying friendly and courteous to the Gremlins when they were a dying breed.

It’d be a tough call from the Jury House. Both have played great games while Jon’s was more out in front and Neda hid in the shadows for most the time controlling things through others. Jon has personally entertained me more, but Neda made a lot of smart moves. I’d have a hard time casting a vote between them.

What do you think? Vote in our poll below for how you’d cast a final vote. I’ve included Jon, Neda, and Sabrina, but left out Heather since I expect her to go just one step shy of the finale.


  1. I want Sabrina to win because of they way they treated her, but I do think that Neda deserves to win she played a good game but wasn’t a friendly person she was always grumpy!!! Plus, Neda can use the money!!!

    • she should win just cause ‘she can use the money?? really? Um, I think they can all use the money. Just cause she has said she’s poor and really needs the money ..doesn’t IMO make her deserving. Jon over neda and sabrina.

      • Hahaha….Jon’s game??? What game he didn’t even know of big brother til Ned’s told him how to play!! He did everything Ned’s told him Ned’s puppet!! Don’t know what game you were watching???

        • I don’t recall saying anything about the way Jon was playing. I said i would vote jon over neda/sabrina. So don’t know what you were reading…LOL

          • Yes you did you must have deleted it because it’s gone now and that’s why I replied to it!!!

          • LMAO nope haven’t deleted anything..Comment is still there of what I above..maybe you read something about the way Jon played by someone else and thought it was me. All I said was Jon over Neda.
            Don’t even know if you can delete comments to be honest.

          • We’ll, vote or game is the same!! What do you vote for? Game……right? Right? Lmao!! That’s what I’m talking about!!!!!

    • The way they treated Sabrina? I’m not saying it was great, but look at the way she treated Heather at the beginning when she was in power. Karma.

  2. I think Neda deserves it, shes been my favorite since day one and i think she deserves it over Jon and Sabrina. I don’t think Jon would have gotten this far without Neda, and i think Neda could have gotten this far without Jon, which proves she deserves it more. Go Neda, you got this. Plus Rachel Reilly thinks Neda will win this;) so excited to see how this plays out.

  3. Evel Dick was on the “Cat and Clio” show last night. They all agreed that Neda was a “glorified coaster”. Never a threat in the house so therefore didn’t have to fight to stay. Whereas Sabrina was on the block 6 times and is STILL there. I can’t say i agree with them about Neda because it takes a lot of work to stay off everyones radar. To me that’s a cut above a coaster or a floater. But in terms of overall game play i would give the win to Jon. I don’t think it fair to say he wouldn’t have gotten so far without Neda….nor vice versa. But what they DID do is be smart enough to use each others talents to get there. But in my opinion, Jon had to fight harder to stay. I’d be ok with any of them winning but my vote is definitely going to Jon.

    • mine too, If it comes down between Jon and Neda, Jon for sure. I didn’t like the fake tears from Neda when it came out in the HOH room that her family is poor. It was a pathetic ploy on her part to garner sympathy votes IMO – hoping whoever won would take her to the end. Also didn’t like neda/heather making fun of sabrina for her saying she would buy a rolex if she won. Sure, it’s a stupid comment and waste of money to many but if she won, it’s hers to spend any way she wishes, just as they can spend theirs any way they wish. I wouldn’t be voting for sabrina just cause of her play earlier on in the game.The crying all the time, when she was called on the BS she did/said was to much. She would jump others, call them names do all sorts of things but if any of them said anything to her she would run off to cry ..saying how mean everyone and how sensitive she is..yeah right.. Still hopeful that jon got smart and voted neda out over heather. lol

  4. i will vote neda because she plays a good game even though she is not taken john, i like john but he needs to play him self too, nor we

  5. I’m not sure how this will end and I’m not sure, yet, how I want this to end. But I’ve noticed a lot similarity with last year. Heather played a lot like Talla and will be out at F4. Jon and Neda played a lot like Emmett and Jillian. Jon will definitely take Neda to F2, just like Emmett would have done. Neda will probably take Sabrina and not Jon, just like Jillian took Gary and not Emmett. And if F2 is Sabrina and Neda I have a feeling Sab would win just like Gary almost won (if only Topaz hadn’t screwed up).
    We’ll see.

    • Don’t know what game you were watching but …….Gary took Jullian bud!!! Gary won the 2nd HOH of the finale over Julilian last year!! Also, I think Sab’s played a good game also…….she made it this far with her being on the block 7 times and not being evicted!!
      Go Sab’s go!!!!

    • If it came down to Neda/Sabrina. Not sure how I would vote. Both have rubbed me wrong at different times. Would be funny if Sabrina won cause they dragged her along for so long. not like she ever saved herself while on the block, the others just decided the other that was up with her was a bigger threat. Jon really hasn’t done anything for himself, just did what ever Neda told him to, so I am still hopeful that he sent Neda home and not heather, but we will see. We’re all assuming he sent Heather home (myself included) but I don’t think we really know for sure, will find out tonight. If Jon has a brain in his head he will realize if it came down to him against anyone but Neda he has a very good chance of winning. I just found it funny that he would want to be on BBC when he’s never even watched any of the BB franchise. He should have watched at least the first BBC to get an idea of what its about, so he would have a better idea of what the game is instead of just doing what Neda told him

  6. I feel like this is a pretty good final 3 where all three players left are deserving of the win. I know many would disagree about Sabrina because of the things she has done and said, but in terms of her game she was controlling a lot of what happened in the house early on and even after her alliance crumbled she still managed to make it all the way to the final 3.

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