Big Brother Canada 2: Ika Shreds HouseGuests’ Hopes

Yesterday in the Big Brother Canada house the Feeds were cut off for a long time and when they came back we found out Ika had taken revenge on the rest of the house.

Big Brother Canada HG Ika
Big Brother Canada HG Ika – Source: Slice

Since we weren’t able to see the events on the Feeds we had to go by what HGs discussed after they returned. It appears Ika had the choice to share letters from home with all the other HGs or shred those letters and take $5,000 in cash. Guess what she did…

Yep, she took the cash, of course. Considering she’s getting backdoored this week it’s no surprise that Ika would be looking to get back at her fellow Big Brother Canada 2 housemates. But even if she was on good terms, could you really fault her for taking five THOUSAND dollars over letters for others?

It also seems that Ika was watched by the other HGs as she put their letters through the shredder so there was no chance of her hiding what had been done. Ouch.

What would you have done if you were in Ika’s position? If she had opt’d to give the other HGs their letters do you think it would have been enough to turn the tide and keep her in the house at Thursday’s eviction?


  1. I would have taken the money, ALL day. Those people don’t deserve anything good in their lives, with how dirty, nasty and underhanded they are. Their nastiness is not even game related! Besides, they gave Ika no chance to save herself, therefore… you reap what you sow.

    What I hate is how they also blew up Neda and Jon’s game with this nonsense. Will be impossible or them to recover, imo. Not that they had much chance, anyway. All the hateful people will be there until the end, just like during Big Brother 15 in the US. Which means I have little desire to watch the rest of this season.

  2. To production:
    Stop trying to save Ika. She dug her own grave, and deserves to go out.
    I wondered if the HOH competition she won was rigged to her liking, considering one of the questions was specifically about what she did. But it wasn’t a major hunch.
    But then production told her to campaign? WTF?
    I would actually want to see what Heather would have done, considering she already won money in the game.

  3. I believe she did the right thing for her. The other houseguests treated her terrible. Sabrina rachelle sarah all threw her under the bus. Andrew is crude and disgusting the way he talks about her and most woman. I feel sorry for some of them

  4. I would have done exactly the same thing as Ika. Shunning her and backdooring her are not exactly things that would endear them to her. Whether she deserves to stay or go is no longer an issue – it’s a done deal. But the treatment she received from the others has a lingering affect. As they say, revenge is best served cold. Hers was a block of ice.

  5. And how did Ika even get the opportunity to choose between the money and the letters? Was there some sort of challenge or did BB just randomly choose her? We’ll have to wait and see but if it was like what happened to Topaz where they displayed her plans for all to see, where she then became a target, that’s horrible.

    • Yeah, we’ll have to wait and see, but unfortunately for Ika, she was already the target before this happened so it’s unlikely to have harmed her any more than she already was. Instead it just hurt her allies.

      • Yeah, I know. I was referring to how Topaz became a target (more of a target) after the incident. I believe that even if Ika gave them the letters they would have still evicted her to be honest but still, stuff like this is just production influencing more than they should.

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