Big Brother Canada 2 HGs Face Off Against Cry Babies

Big Brother Canada 2 HGs get babies
Big Brother Canada 2 HGs get babies – Source: Slice

Early this morning the Big Brother Canada HGs were given a new challenge: babies. Each HG was assigned a “talking” electronic babies that cried and fussed unless you handled them just right. It seems the HGs were not handling them “just right” most of the time.

Luckily the challenge only lasted about five hours, according to the HGs, who were mostly glad to give up their babies in return for getting their bags back. Sabrina said she was to sad to give it back. Jon said they were all told by Big Brother that they passed the challenge.

I’m just grateful the challenge ended when it did because those HGs had nothing but crying babies on their hands. Maybe production got as fed up with it as us and ended the comp early since they couldn’t mute them like we could.

BigBroJunkie caught all the names of the five extra Big Brother Canada HouseGuests. Jon’s was “Little Jon.” Heather had “Sebastian.” Adel took care of “Yafa.” Neda’s baby was named “Ciggie” as in “Baby Cigarette Butt.” Sabrina named hers “Arisa.” Check out the Big Brother Canada Feed pics below.

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  1. LOL…Watching how they react to the babies is a look into their true personalities. A couple of them should consider remaining childless. Or hiring a nanny.

    • I hate when people bring up people’s “true” personalities.
      First of all, you’re in a house for 60 days. You are not going to act like that in the real world, because Big Brother makes you stressed, anxious, annoyed and afraid than the real world will likely ever make you in your life. Just because you released this anger, doesn’t mean it’s going to be your true self. If anything, it’s going to be far from your true self.
      And then of course, there’s that they’re all in their early 20s and have never had a child. I’m sure you would be a better parent if you had 9 months of preparation, rather than be told to be a parent right on the spot.

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